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open air mallAt Air Repair, we operate a comprehensive, full scale HVAC facilities management company based out of New York City with contacts all over the United States. For you, this means that we can provide priority service at any location you operate nationwide. We currently have existing operations and over 40 years experience handling HVAC facilities maintenance for a variety of well known, publicly traded companies that absolutely depend on the climate being perfect.

Years ago, there was never a huge proliferation of HVAC facilities management companies. Times have changed and so had the complexities of HVAC systems unique to each location. There are so many variables we consider when providing service because the reality is, each location may have completely unique equipment requiring a juggling act between software, instructions, parts and more. Although advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to develop and deploy higher efficiency machines which are engineered to operate at lower costs, you’re chain of stores are still in need of a solid mechanic that won’t waste your time or money with solutions designed to simply defer an existing issue.

Air Repair prides ourselves on providing the most direct, knowledgable, forensically researched solutions possible for your facilities. We don’t ever see problems, all we see are solutions and our HVAC technicians love solving problems. There are plenty of other facilities management companies out there that offer sort of a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” operations, but that’s simply not how we work. Our only focus is on your existing and future cooling and heating needs.

HVAC Facilities Management & Planning Services

Despite all of the white papers published, demonstrations, speaking events, and research conducted which is available for public consumption, most facilities companies still tend to operate their services with more of a reactive response as opposed to be proactive. This can be irresponsible, costly and detrimental to the overall lifetime of a customer’s HVAC equipment. At Air Repair we don’t just think about “right now.” Our company is always thinking about the future regarding a client’s equipment. There is a logical increase in variables associated with system failure or operations that run parallel to equipment size, layout and past service from different companies. When we’re taking care of equipment, we need to do all of the math. This means taking a look at the past service history of your equipment, location, entry, system types, climate, failures and much more. Our technicians do this consistently so that we can PREVENT issues from occurring before they do, thereby saving you: the customer, hard earned money.

We often run into clients who have shown us past invoices for service from a variety of other companies whom have simply put a band-aid over the issue and not actually solved it. Almost 100% of the time, this is just a temporary stop-gap measure and will just cost your company more money in the long run. Air Repair’s goal is to think of your HVAC with long-term intentions, and to save you money by optimizing equipment operations, finding problems before they grow, and developing unique plans custom fit to your facility to maintain the maximum in climate comfort for employees in addition to your customers. Below is just a short list of some of the services we provide as a facilities HVAC provider:

  • Climate control & Energy management
  • Indoor air testing & quality
  • Moisture control & humidity
  • Air movement & air transfer
  • HVAC systems automation, controls, integration, and maintenance
  • Design & build services
  • Interpretation & updating of mechanical plans
  • Protection & improvement of our client’s HVAC assets
  • Complete Preventative Maintenance services
  • Constant testing and monitoring to ensure that your HVAC equipment meets or exceeds it’s expected lifetime
  • Custom Repair, Replacement & Installation of facility-wide HVAC equipment in accordance with blueprints & engineered guidelines
  • Expansion or Modification of systems to accommodate changes in usage or load increases
  • Scheduled monitoring for special events and other functions throughout your facility or nationwide
  • Custom installations, repairs or replacement of ductwork, piping systems and filters
  • Repair, installation and control of facility’s existing/new temperature control computer systems regulating central building or standard mechanical units of all kinds

Success Through Partnership With Certified Vendors

Part of the reason we have such an excellent reputation as well as long term contracts with our existing customers is an incredible affinity for quality. When we speak of quality, we mean, the very best. Any other HVAC company we make a certified vendor goes through a completely rigorous checklist before we discuss any kind of business. Our requirements are very specific as we’re always concerned with our client relationships, your equipment, safety and much, much more. Here is a brief list of just a few factors we check for:

  • Years of experience in the field (Real world scenarios)
  • Years in business operation
  • Insurance policy Maximums
  • Licensing specific to geography
  • Complete Background Check (Criminal, Etc.)
  • Certifications with Manufacturers
  • Training Experiences
  • Education

Emergency HVAC Service Readily Available At Your Call

Trust us when we say that, we realize just how vital it is to your business that each of your facilities runs at peak performance at all times. Due to unique circumstances which occur seasonally as well as during extreme temperature changes, equipment goes down. If you’re in charge of a retail clothing operation and the air conditioning is blowing hot air during open hours, this is the last thing you’d want to happen. It will surely affect sales, employee morale and the overall shopping experience. We are fully equipped and prepared for emergencies of all kinds. Our response times are quick and through advances in technology in climate control systems, many problems can be fixed remotely. Our technicians are ready to tackle any problems you might be having immediately and without hesitation. When we do business with you, your problems become ours and it’s priority for us to cease any issues.

Operational Evaluation & Computation

Whether you’re a brand new client or an existing one, it’s in our service plan to give your HVAC equipment a complete evaluation. This includes placement, engineering, entry, and more. We take data such as operating hours of your business, average customer population during peak or low-end times, employee count and much more. This info is all utilized to practices such as assessing overall heat gain to calculate loads, equipment electricity usage, air balancing, operational costs, and more. We take every single factor into context. If you change one part in a cooling system, you change the entire setup. You’d absolutely be surprised at the energy cost savings we could present you with based on data that was found from a comprehensive equipment evaluation.

Scheduled HVAC Maintenance Plans Fit for Your Locations

Your climate runs on a schedule, so why shouldn’t your preventative maintenance service plans also? We realize each facility location has it’s own unique times for peak customer volume. The last thing we want to do is interrupt that or get in the way. You may also have employees you need us to meet with or engineers. This is why we are capable of creating completely custom HVAC maintenance plans fit to your stores or facilities.

Energy Optimization, Savings & Cost Analysis

Believe it or not, an HVAC system in your facility, store or building will usually account for 15% to 50% of it’s total energy usage. This is why we always stress energy savings through optimization. At the end of the year when you’re looking at the balance sheet, you can see the change or lowering of power expenses and look at that as profit. When people think of an “HVAC System,” they typically just think of the unit. However, it’s actually best to look at it as a complete system that includes the unit, ductwork, vents, thermostats, CO2 sensors and much more depending on your facility. Air Repair’s goal during maintenance and throughout your service is to eliminate any possible trouble spots or areas where we see energy being wasted consistently. This will ensure that conditioned air is being delivered as efficiently as possible, thus keeping the machine operating reliably, and using less energy. Modern HVAC units are made with higher efficiency in mind but when dealing with older systems, we are still able to plug any holes we find, even going in and retrofitting an older unit with newer parts to achieve our goal of saving you money in addition to keeping the air flowing.

Keeping Tabs On HVAC Systems Reliability and Longevity

Your HVAC system’s longevity is a very important thing to be concerned with. Depending on the size of your unit or “system,” you could be looking at thousands upon thousands of dollars to replace a single unit. In this industry due to a lack of a central place of proper procedures, many mechanics without proper experience walk right into facilities performing “patch-up” work. This never truly fixes any of your system’s issues, it just covers them up and prolongs them which will inevitably make the problem balloon in size. Many facilities are also guilty of not performing required maintenance. Although not as simple as an oil change for your car, you can think of HVAC maintenance as being just as important. If you drove your car without changing the oil, how long do you think it would last before the engine goes kaput? Air Repair will work with each of your facilities or core facility and provide transparent reports showing you exactly what we provide to keep the systems humming along. It’s basic preventative maintenance that keeps HVAC systems running to through their expected lifetimes, reduces equipment failure rates dramatically, and keeps the energy costs down.

Comprehensive Design & Equipment Build-Out Solutions

If you’re a new customer that’s contacted us about a new facility opening or an existing customer expanding within the chain, we have plenty of experience on both sides. Air Repair has over 40 years of existing knowledge crafting, custom designing to your location, and installing entire HVAC systems at a massive scale. Our technicians are highly educated, trained and we’ve done some very impressive work. There have been rooftop jobs with large, custom ductwork systems installed in tight spaces, projects where system entry has been a problem. There’s really nothing out there that we haven’t laid our eyes on. We love what we do and the beauty of our build-out solutions is that each time we perform these projects, we get to do something practically new each time.

We’ll Give You the Real Answers You Simply Can’t Get

Whether it’s a large facilities maintenance company that handles HVAC and about 100 other services for you like office cleaning, or just another HVAC mechanic local to you, Air Repair is highly unique when it comes to our value proposition. You simply won’t get the straight up solution with anyone else. We understand and agree with you, that it’s very convenient to have just one point of contact handling HVAC, cleaning, painting, construction. But have you ever heard the phrase “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”? Many of these larger companies are simply the middle men, you’re paying a fortune every single year for someone to pass a message to someone else. This means you will never get that direct answer you need regarding why a set of equipment keeps failing or why one area of your facility appears to be properly cooled while another is constantly uncomfortable.

These companies exist solely out of convenience, not out of knowledge or skill. With Air Repair, you’ll get direct answers to your questions and custom solutions to unique problems that may have been troubling each of your facilities for years. You’ll be saving money because we are a direct HVAC facilities management company with our only focus being cooling and heating. The savings in money that you can report back to the c-level executives in your company will be attributed to a direct reduction in energy usage because we really know what we’re doing. It’s our sole intention to come into your establishment and make everything run as smoothly as possible. Why? Because it’s the only thing we love.

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