Types of Air Conditioning Systems We Service in Manhattan, NY and New York City

Throughout Manhattan, NY the huge variety in industry and building structure has led to the development of different types of commercial Air Conditioning systems. These systems all exist because they meet the varying needs of the buildings they make comfortable. There advantages and disadvantages to all systems, however none of them are any worse than the other.

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems in NYC

In New York City Ductless Air Conditioning systems are fairly common in older buildings. Although these systems are less commonly installed today they are still very effective. They are well known as being less expensive than other commercial air conditioning systems. One of the primary reasons they are so inexpensive to install is because they lack ducts which can costly to manufacture and install.

Ductless Air Conditioning systems are often called ductless split, or mini split systems. On the most basic level these systems consist of two separate machines. The first is the indoor machine that has the fan, and the second is a compressor outside that produces the cold air. The Compressor’s job is send refrigerant to the indoor machine to cool the inside. Here the indoor system removes heat, and condensation to further cool down the facility.

What are the advantages of a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

One of our favorite advantages to Ductless Air Conditioning systems is the ability to manage the climates of different rooms based on individual comforts. This is made possible by installing different mini split systems for each location. It is extremely easy to manage these units as well as provide maintenance to them. Mini Split systems are known for their lack of sound; they are very quiet and are much cheaper from an energy perspective.

Central Cooling Systems in Manhattan, NY and NYC

Most air conditioning systems in New York City are of the Central Cooling variety. These systems work by using supply and return ducts to transport air. Supply ducts are used to pour cold air into the facility, while return air ducts collect the air currently in the room. This process carries on until the room is at the desired climate. Central cooling systems are typically split up into two types either packaged units, or split systems.

What are Split Systems?

On the outside of the building or the roof top the condenser and compressor are placed. On the inside of the building the evaporator and sometimes heat pump is installed.

What is a Packaged Central Cooling System?

The main difference between a packaged air system and a split air system is that the condenser, compressor, and evaporator are all installed together on the outside of the building. These units tend to use electric heat in the fall and winter with electric heat coils. The air drawn, and cooled/heated and sent down into the ducts eventually ending up in the building.

Advantages of a Central Air Conditioning System

In New York City these systems are appreciated because they are very efficient, quiet, and easy to manage. Central Air Conditioning systems are relatively easy to access for repairs, replacements, and retrofits.  

VRF and VRV Air Conditioning Systems in NYC

The most important thing to know right off the bat about these systems is that they are one in the same. VRF is short for variable refrigerant flow, and VRV is variable refrigerant volume.  These systems are most commonly found in hotels, hospitals, and very large offices. The reason these systems are used in bigger buildings is because they have the power to meet the demands of larger areas with ease. VRV systems are much more energy efficient than other types of commercial HVAC systems in Manhattan, NY.

In hospitals specifically heat pumps are commonly used alongside VRV units. This is because heat pumps can be used for both heating and cooling without interruption. On the other hand hotels enjoy the use of Heat Recovery systems. The ability to control individual climates based on each room is a huge advantage in New York City.

Types of Commercial Heating Systems in Manhattan, NY and NYC

Central Heating Systems

Central Heating systems are the same thing as Central Cooling systems. However, they have a main component specifrically for heating like an electric heating coil, or furnace. The system uses this component to either burn fuel, generate steam, or create heat which is eventually transferred and blown through the duct system.

These systems are extremely quiet, and easy to operate which leads to a great commercial experience.

Convection Heating Systems

It’s important to know ahead of time that Convection Heating Systems are also called Forced Air Heating Systems. They are used in conjunction with Central Air Systems throughout New York City. Inside these easy to maintain units a fan blows drawn air over something that generates heat. In many cases an electric heat coil is used. The air is blown over the coil, gas, or steam and travels through ducts into the building.

Perhaps the worst thing about Forced air systems in NYC is that they tend to creates larger amounts of hot air closer to the ceilings. This creates a somewhat uneven feeling throughout the area being heated. That being said forced air heating is fantastic because it works quickly, and efficiently.

Electric Resistance Heating Systems

Although Electric Resistance Heating systems are effective they are far less common in the big apple. These units are electric coils covered in metal protective cases that are installed near windows, and doors slightly off the ground. The best thing about these systems is that they can be individually managed, and they are very affordable. Unfortunately, they are very expensive to run continually through the winter.

Organic Energy Systems

These commercial heating systems are meant to be green, and environmentally friendly. They use solar power which has a large installation cost, but has a high end return on energy rates down the line. In NYC these options are becoming far more practical, however for now they are mostly accessible to much larger businesses.

Oil / Gas Heating Systems

These are by far one of the oldest commercial heating systems available in Manhattan, NY. Using different fuels, steam is generated and pushed through the piping system to heat the entire building. This commercial heating system is no longer considered worthwhile. They are considered way to inefficient, and unresponsive to be worth installing anywhere today.

Heat Pump Systems

In Commercial HVAC you can’t go wrong with a heat pump. These units are more environmentally friendly than other common heating systems. Furthermore, they are responsive and have relatively good energy needs.  

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