Air Conditioning System Replacement & Retrofitting In Manhattan, NY

With over 60 years of commercial AC systems replacement and retrofitting, we’re well cut out for any size project in the New York Tri-State area. When it comes to air conditioner replacement or retrofitting, there are a whole slew of factors to go by regarding the decision to make an investment for replacement. Although, there are elements we’ll inspect such as the age of the machine, quality of parts like coils; we tend to go with four major factors that should always have a high influence on your decision.

The first and probably most likely happens to be the age your AC Unit(s). The EPA or (Environmental Protection Agency) always recommends that air conditioning units be replaced if the system is more than a decade or ten years old. The next factor involves cost and maintenance. At this point you really have to step back and examine how much you’ve been paying your mechanic to come by and fix the machine every time it breaks down.

Making Your Life Easier

Air Repair is here to make replacing your Air Conditioning system a breeze. How will you know when it’s time to replace your system? A few of the more common factors are its age, the amount of failures it suffers, infringement on your comfort, and any odd sounds it makes.

Age is varying factor across all commercial air conditioning systems. Some systems when kept in great maintenance care can last decades with minimal part replacements. Other systems however should be changed between 10 and 15 years depending on the circumstances. Paying for repairs so frequently that they begin to rival the cost of the unit is an indicator that replacement is necessary. If your customers and employees are often uncomfortable this is the driving force towards a replacement. In addition to this, the dynamic temperatures in your facility may lead to the development of mold, mildew, and poor indoor air quality.  If your air conditioning system creates excessive, distracting, and loud shaking sounds it could be time for a replacement.

Allow Us to Lower Your Costs

If your unit is having frequent break-downs or the mechanic isn’t up to snuff with his experience, you could actually end up spending far more in repairs than you would for a brand new, properly installed system. Let that sink in for a second. Climate issues as well as decibel or noise levels are the final two major factors that should determine a replacement. If you’re in need of constant cooling for an office filled with 75 people, a bad unit will result in uneven temperatures. Did you realize a single human generates 130 Btu’s of body heat. When you combine this with the general air, you may need a replacement that can handle and maintain a comfortable environment. Noise is a big factor because it can disrupt productivity and can result in compliance violations depending on the area your commercial property is located in.

Our Only Care Is in Your Satisfaction

At Air Repair we only believe in replacing, and retrofitting systems that have no other choice. In the case that we do have to retrofit a system, our goal is to make sure it’s an upgrade in every sense of the word. Call us today so we can help bring your aging air conditioning systems back to life.

We understand the value of a correctly working air conditioning system. Depending on your type of industry the lack of great cooling in the summer and heat in the winter can cause your business serious harm. We also know that life moves so fast in New York City that any interruption to your employees comfort means a loss in productivity. In a worse scenario loss of comfort for your customers means loss of profits.

At Air Repair it’s our job to protect your best interests. This means making sure your HVAC systems are up and running at peak efficiency at all times. With over 60 years of experience we are ready to help you with any installations, replacements, retrofits, and repairs you may need.

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