Rebuilding of Entire HVAC Systems In Manhattan, NY and New York City

In some cases an air conditioning system is so old or poorly maintained that it requires a massive overhaul from the ground up. These replacements are very costly in Manhattan, NY. Air Repair focuses on building strong relationships with all of our clients based on the idea of looking out for your best interests.

What alternatives can you offer?

Other HVAC Companies won’t fret to come in for an inspection with the intention of selling you on a brand new system, or a complete overhaul. Our objective is to be a partner in your business. We want to save you money by providing the affordable, honest work your systems need to thrive.

99% of the time these air conditioning systems can be brought back up considerable speeds with proper maintenance and minimal rebuilds. This is a much more favorable arrangement in New York City. Our job is to look out for your best interests; there is simply no need for you to rebuild systems that are only in need of serious attention.

However, there are some cases where rebuilding your air conditioning system is necessary. This is most common in older systems that have been through the ringer and back. Damaged coils, failing compressors, and bad motors are just some of the bigger reasons to overhaul your system. Multiple failures across different parts and sections are the most telling example of a system in need of rebuilding.

Re-optimizing of entire In-House HVAC Systems

With over 60 years of experience in New York City, Air Repair takes great pleasure in helping our clients get the most of their Air Conditioning Systems. When our team is called in under the premise of re-optimizing an in house system it begins with an in depth inspection of your equipment.

We believe that establishing great relationships begins with offering our best solutions to the customer. In many cases this means explaining that your system may not require an entire re-optimizing process. The key to finding out whether or not your system can be saved lies in a complete inspection of the air conditioning unit, and its history of work.

How Do You Begin the Inspection Process?

The first step is to acquire all of the model information, and serial numbers. This information will give us everything we need to know regarding the optimal needs of your air conditioning unit in NYC. Afterwards we begin a physical study of the entire unit. Initially, each separate piece of the system will be studied so that we can assess the individual state of for the system as a whole.

It isn’t uncommon to find that a system although old is simply in need of a few replacement parts, and great maintenance to thrive. Through our individual inspections we can establish potential problems being caused, and come to solutions that save you money.

What Is the Goal of Your Inspection?

When we research the state of your in-house system our ultimate goal is to develop a solution that is favorable to the customer first. We do this by taking into account the new energy laws in New York City, size of the facility, and replacement costs. We know that you need access to fantastic, affordable air conditioning. You need out of this world air conditioning, just like we need great customers.

The Air Repair Way

The first order of business through our time with you is to create a win-win situation based off your needs. We take into account your expenses, lease lengths, energy rates and more. It’s entirely possible that we can give your system some much needed attention in order to boost its power. This is not a matter of creating savings plans; it’s about getting you to where you need to be.

In order to figure out how to get your machines to where they need to be, we need to see where they have been. This is the trail of maintenance left behind by prior companies, the paperwork, how many different mechanics have been inside the units, and the reported status of the system as a whole. By observing the changes it’s experienced over time we can put the whole picture together. We don’t spend the customer’s money; we only help them figure out where its best spent.

Central, Packaged, Split Systems Repair, Installation, Replacement

When it comes to installing a brand new HVAC system in your building it is extremely important to have it done by a professional. You want an air conditioning company that has the experience to know the advantages and disadvantages of installing a brand new system. Furthermore, in NYC you want a company that is looking out for your best interests.

What kinds of factors come into play when installing or replacing an HVAC system?

When you install a new air conditioning system you want to make sure it meets the needs of your business, while simultaneously being easy enough to service for maintenance in the future. Typically in New York City most businesses will hire one company to install the units. And another to provide preventative maintenance.

Unfortunately, in these cases the units are often very difficult to service on a routine basis because they do not offer easy access routes. At Air Repair we hold maintenance contracts with the vast majority of our clients. We know firsthand the benefits of easier to access equipment.

Whether you are installing a central air system, ductless splits, mini splits, or even new rooftop units it always pays to have someone looking out for your best interests. Poorly installed units, will create problems down the line for your heating and air conditioning needs.

What are your main goals when installing a new system?

First and foremost, the most important thing when installing a new system is safety. For your employees, customers, and others safety is always the number one concern. Second, is the value you receive from the system? It’s our goal to make sure you install a system that is not only effective enough for your space but also creates savings for you long-term.

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