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All great Preventative Maintenance programs should include Equipment Washing’s.  Over time all HVAC systems are going to draw dirt, foreign bodies, carbon emissions, pollutants and germs.  All of these are a threat to both the efficiency of your business, and the comfort of those inside of it.

According to The Department of Conservation the vast majority of pollutants in NYC come from chemical manufacturers, vehicle use, power equipment, as well as the burning of oil, gas and coal.  Today’s high efficiency HVAC systems have become significantly better at keeping these pollutants outside. However, even the absolute best equipment should be washed.

Imagine your HVAC system running 18 hours a day as it absorbs each source of pollution for months at a time. The fact is filter changes can only protect you so much. With months of use the inside of your ducts and hvac systems will become covered in bacteria and dirt.

How do these pollutants affect my HVAC System in Manhattan, NY?

The most telling change facing your HVAC system will be a major loss in its efficiency, and indoor air quality it provides. As pollutants collect in your condenser coils they will become blocked from taking in the correct amount of air to cool down your facility. This is extremely bad because your unit will have to overwork its recommended parameters in order to reach needed temperature. On top of that it will take longer than usual. This eventually leads to the failure of normally strong part s, and expensive replacements.

In terms of air quality indoors, eventually pollutants will become denser in the air leading to uncomfortable smells, mold growth, and mildew. This creates a major interruption to your business and must be avoided.

How much of a difference does Equipment Washing really make?

At Air Repair we take great pride in our equipment washing process. Other companies may rinse your equipment with the purpose of taking off the primary layer of dirt so that it looks beautiful on the outside. While appearance is important, the true problem lies where you cannot see.

As dirt collects in your fan cages, and coils most of it will pile up, and become caked on in between the part’s aluminum fins. It is here that Air Repair can get your equipment as close to new as possible. With the help of specific aluminum safe chemicals we are able to clear gallons, and gallons worth of dirt out of your HVAC system.

Using a high velocity pressure washing system our professionals know exactly what it takes to clear the pollutants out of your system.

What are the advantages of Equipment Washing?

  1. The primary advantage of washing your NYC based Equipment is increased air flow. You are quite literally removing months upon months of caught foreign matter. This matter blocks air from passing through the system and into the duct work which dispenses it into your facility.
  2. As more air is able to make it into the system the units will have to work far less to create cold, or hot air. This means the unit draws less amperage, which means huge energy savings.
  3. Better indoor air quality is a direct result as well. Dirt that successfully made it into ducts and into the buildings atmosphere has been washed away.
  4. Less repairs and replacements. Washing equipment will benefit every part of your HVAC system. This helps to create longer lifespans, and more faithful equipment. In essence, a smoother running system.
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