HVAC Services for Medical Facilities in NYC and Manhattan, NY

hospitalHere just like food processing, and medical facilities they must be treated very carefully. Things like Bio-Hazards and Toxic waste must be taken into account. Many rules must be established across the medical facility to ensure that the HVAC systems run as maximum effectivity. Scheduled maintenance is vital especially when dealing with sick patients, operating rooms, chambers, ICU etc. All of these areas need proper PM Service.

They need special filtering of the air, Coil cleaning is very important, dust and germs can kill people in these facilities. Most Hospitals operate with chilled water systems and water cooling towers which means it’s the utmost importance that any and all water in these systems be chemically treated. Algaecide must be controlled; Legionnaires disease can cause catastrophic damage to all.

Today Urgent care facilities are popping up everywhere. Most of them are nothing more than former retail stores and usually sit in Strip malls. Nearly all the HVAC is comprised of self-contained package rooftop units or split systems because they are 24 hour operating and the connecting stores usually are not. Regular PM Service is normally more often than your regular retail store because of sustained operating time. The same goes for Nursing homes, Hospice care and group homes.

AC Repair for Medical Facilities in Manhattan & New York City

nursing home hvacHospitals, Nursing Homes, and Hospice care all require a more dedicated AC company to handle there repair needs. When you have patients with fevers, and life threatening conditions lack of AC during the warm months is not an option. Your patients require the comforts of a great AC system around the clock. If one of your compressors goes down tomorrow, there goes a section of your Air Conditioning.  You simply cannot risk the effects of a lost AC system during the NYC summer. This is why you need a trustworthy, loyal, and fast air conditioning company to handle your repairs. Over 60 years Air Repair has proud fully won its positon as that company.

AC Installation for Medical Facilities in Manhattan & New York City

The vast majority of hospitals in NYC operate under chilled water, and water treatment systems for their cooling. This is because these systems can transport cold water, to induce cooling to a variety of systems at once. Installing these systems properly is the key to having an easy to maintain, and repair cooling experience. The quality of your AC system will have serious effects on your patients, and staff. When you install your AC system make sure you have a true professional service by your side such as Air Repair.

AC Replacement for Medical Facilities in Manhattan & New York City

pediatricianCompleting AC Replacements has to be a swift change in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Hospice Care Centers. Any loss of AC to your staff and patients in NYC is a loss in the Hospital’s reputation and care. Sick patients need immediate access to great Air Conditioning at any given time in their stay. If you have Rooftop Units, Package Units, or Split Systems that are beginning to fail Replacements are on the horizon. Although you can survive without replacements the faulty systems, will certainly cause distress to your already stressed patients and staff.

Heating System Repair for Medical Facilities in Manhattan & New York City

During the winter one of the most common reasons people end up in the hospital is because they have weak immune systems and fall prey to the flu. That’s not all though, Lung Disease, Heart Disease, Pneumonia, and other bugs will incapacitate people of all ages. The loss of a hospital heat pump, geothermal system, or radiant floor heating system is unacceptable. These scenarios could result in the worsening of a patient’s condition or worse death. You need someone to take your Air Conditioning Systems as constant emergencies. At Air Repair we wholeheartedly believe we are your partner in protecting life.

Heating System Installation for Medical Facilities in Manhattan & New York City

Throughout hospitals you are dealing with hundreds of different bacteria’s, germs, odors, chemicals, and treatments in the air. Even with proper isolation protocols in NYC all medical facilities must be appropriately ventilated. Great heating systems will help to keep the air in your facility fresh and well circulated. This is incredibly important for patients who suffer from asthma, heart, or lung problems.

Heating System Replacement for Medical Facilities in Manhattan & New York City

Replacing heating systems is huge investment at first, but it pays itself off within a short period of time. Through a heating system replacement you can erase all those worries in regards to predicting equipment failure.  In Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Hospice care locations maintaining consistency for patients is a huge part of promoting   recovery. If your patients are shivering when they should be comfortable you likely need a heating system replacement.

Preventative Maintenance Services for Medical Facilities in Manhattan & NYC

Hospitals are one of the few areas that require more preventative maintenance than food plants, beverage plants, pharmaceuticals labs, and more. Between chemical treatments for chillers in NYC, and frequent coil washing these facilities demand a great deal of maintenance. By providing proper maintenance you can keep dirt, dust, and bacteria out of the air generated by your system. This creates higher quality air, and allows your system to breath. When your system as a whole is treated with respect it will enjoy a worthwhile lifespan.

Preventative Maintenance is extremely important in hospitals where the spread of bacteria is on constant lock down.  Maintenance should be scheduled frequently, and more often than other types of businesses due to its 24/7 operating hours.

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