Hotels and Motel HVAC Services in NYC or Manhattan, NY.

hotel or motelHow do Hotels and Motels work?

  1. Hotels and motels offer many different types of HVAC. Some have what we call Incremental units which are basically a through the wall type system that either utilizes outdoor or air cooled coils and are completely self-contained separately for each room.
  1. You never know who may be checking in; People who check in are all different. Some like it at a different temperature. Many feel cold and turn the heat coil on while others want cool air and this makes it more relaxing for the guests.
  1. Other systems provided by the hotels and motels are just supplied air from a single source which keeps the entire building at a constant temperature. This is so guests moving around in the building to either the bar, ordaining room, or gym etc. feel as comfortable in there as they do in their rooms. Keep in mind that most hotels have no open windows while motels seemingly 2 floors have windows that can be opened if they like.
  1. In some cases, a hotel or motel can be going through a seasonal influx of guests depending on where they are based. Also down time or slow season where it just does not pay to cool or heat each room or space.
  1. Water towers are utilized as well for lower operating costs. They can provide cool water to water cooled units or supply to cool the refrigerant gases for a self-contained Chiller. The chiller then provides fan coil type units to each room but more importantly can isolate that chilled water. When a room system shuts off and meets its temperature, the water is sent back to the main chiller at a lower temperature. This can save the establishment with lower electrical consumption and give that establishment a more profitable on the long haul resolution.

Hotels are one of the few businesses where a first impression absolutely decides whether or not you keep a customer. Especially in New York City where there are more than enough hotels to choose from. Imagine your customers coming from out of state, and choosing your hotel for the weekend. The food is great, the location is amazing, and the staff is kind to boot. Just one thing is off however, the air conditioning isn’t cooling as well as it should and your customers are dissatisfied. It’s proven that customers remember bad experiences more than good experiences. They are likely to tell their friends and family in order to avoid more bad experiences. This is why having fast AC repair is so important. Any loss in your air conditioning access means a major interruption to your service.

AC Installation for Hotels in Manhattan & New York City

For hotels, the comfort of their guests is the number one priority. All guests will want different a different indoor climate. That’s why it’s extremely important to get the right HVAC system installed into your building. You need to make sure your customers will have access to great air flow in a very short period of time. This demands the use of air conditioning systems that are easy to maintain as well. Due to the sporadic use and changing demands facing these air conditioning systems they will require more consistent preventative maintenance.

AC Replacement for Hotels in Manhattan & New York City

If your Air Conditioning system has failed, you are facing a critical emergency. The lack of air conditioning to parts of your hotel will certainly keep you from housing more customers. At Air Repair we know that the longer it takes for you to replace your Air Conditioning system, the longer you miss out on valuable profits. In the event that your air conditioning system is in constant need of repairs, replacement is often a better option. The major advantages of replacing your system are less stress from future breakdowns, no more costs in repairs / retrofits, and massive increases in efficiency throughout the building.

Heating System Repair for Hotels in Manhattan & New York City

The last thing that tourists want to deal with during the winter is the cold indoors. For hotels and motels providing a comfortable, warm indoor experience is hinged upon having a great heating repair company available in times of need. You need great heating service like we need great customers. You want your customers to remember having a cozy experience with your hotel or motel. Air Repair has over 60 years of experience with heating system repair. Call us today so we can get your rooms back up and running.

Heating System Installation for Hotels in Manhattan & New York City

Having a strong and adequate Heating System in NYC is quintessential to doing great business. Some time ago it wasn’t uncommon for hotels to get by on more moderate indoor climates. This was less taxing from an energy perspective, however times have changed. Today every guest who stays in your hotel has their own set of needs. That’s why you need great heating system installation services.

When you seek out a heating system installation make sure you work with an experienced service. Air Repair has over 60 years of experience in heating installation.

Heating System Replacement for Hotels in Manhattan & New York City

For hotels and motels maintaining consistency for customers is extremely important. We understand just how fast you need your heating services to work. In NYC life moves so fast, every minute your heating system is waiting to be replaced is a minute your business is interrupted. Call Air Repair today so we can help you replace your hold heating system.

Preventative Maintenance Services for Hotels in Manhattan & New York City

The benefits of great maintenance services in NYC are just as big as the disadvantages of having poor maintenance. It’s a win-win scenario no matter what way to frame it. Proper maintenance will save you costly service calls, repairs, replacements, retrofits, time, and the loss of customers. Imagine, your guests checking in on a bright Saturday morning. Upon arriving in the room they feel it’s a bit warm so they turn the air conditioning on. With fantastic maintenance services in NYC they continue to enjoy their stay in the room. Without the best maintenance, they wonder why it’s taking so long for the air conditioning to kick in, the air in the room takes on a dirty odor, and possible the air power is remarkably low.

Maintenance affects the little things that many take for granted. If you want help cutting down the costs of future replacements, retrofits, and repairs call Air Repair today so that we can take care of your machines as if they were our own.

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