HVAC Services for Concert Halls and Entertainment Venues in Manhattan, NY or NYC

entertainment venue hvacWhether you have a large scale concert hall in NYC suited for sweeping orchestras, or a small music venue dedicated local musicians all concert halls need spectacular HVAC services. In NYC there are so many diverse Concert Halls that you can have your choice. What sets different halls apart is the experience you had during the event. When you have hundreds, even thousands of people in a single concert hall the value of HVAC services is clear. Major Air Conditioning systems are needed to ensure that the musicians, and actors on stage are capable of playing comfortably. In terms of customers, they need to be comfortable enough to enjoy the show as well. If the musicans aren’t kept cool while on stage, they risk putting on a less than amazing performance. Even the staff, and security for the event need to be able to think level headed, or be comfortable. The success of Concert Halls are hinged upon there guests, and participants having all of the correct circmstances to have a great night.


AC Installation for Concert Halls or Entertainment Venues in Manhattan & New York City

Air Repair uses the most contemporary tools available today to install your AC System. We use the best tools because we believe that tools are merely an extension of the technician using them. Installation is a process that requires a great deal of flexibility in adaptation. We need to make sure the system you want installed is powerful enough to the get the job done right, and safely follows all building codes. That’s the benefit of working with the experts; we make sure all of your bases are covered in NYC.

AC Replacement for Concert Halls or Entertainment Venues in Manhattan & New York City

Depending on the location of your AC system, replacements can be very tedious jobs. You need to make sure the old unit can be removed without causing harm to the concert hall. In some cases this is unavoidable and the concert hall will have to consider construction to successfully remove the old system and replace for the new.  During these processes you want to make sure that the crew you’re working with has you covered on all angles.

Heating System Repair for Concert Halls or Entertainment Venues in Manhattan & New York City

In most cases concert halls have good insulation. Heating systems won’t have to work quite as hard due to the natural durability of the concert halls structure. However, having comprehensive heating repair services is in your best interest. Many instruments need to be kept at a certain room temperature in order for them not to become damaged. Mostly these are wood based instruments such as cellos, guitars, violins, and more. When your condenser coil is blocked, and needs repair it will have trouble transporting the refrigerant through to the ducts. This spells danger for your acts of the night. Not only will a downed heating system cause them discomfort, but it may create unfavorable decisions for their musical instruments and equipment.

Heating System Installation for Concert Halls or Entertainment Venues in Manhattan & New York City

In NYC the most common heating systems used in Concert Halls are furnaces, boilers, central heat, radiant floor heat, heat pumps, and in some cases electric heating coils. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to heating systems in NYC. The best bet you have is having a professional service such as Air Repair inspect your facility and determine its heating needs.

Heating System Replacement for Concert Halls or Entertainment Venues in Manhattan & New York City

Most of the time when a vital heating system needs to be replaced in NYC the property manager, and company owners panic. They think about the costs of a new heating system, and have trouble breaking away from just barely surviving with maintenance, and repairs.

However, replacing a heating system in your Concert Hall is a great opportunity to upgrade your facility and save money. Picking and replacing a heating system is a long-term choice. When you choose a highly efficient model with grate energy ratings, you’re saving yourself trouble later. Units that have more power usually need to use less to run at moderate levels.

Preventative Maintenance Services for Concert Halls or Entertainment Venues in Manhattan & NYC

When your concert hall is fully booked, and sold out great HVAC helps to keep your facility clean and fresh feeling. When you think about the nature of hundreds, if not thousands of people closely sat together perspiration would definitely become an issue. This is why air flow is so important in HVAC systems; it helps to create clean well-circulated air that’s comfortable for everyone.

You keep great air flow in your facility by having preventative maintenance on a regular schedule. On the basic level in NYC what this means is clean filter changes, and belt exchanges. Swapping filters will help to keep dirt, dust, construction, carbon emissions, bacteria, and pollution out of your concert hall. Belt changes will help to make sure your motor doesn’t overheat, and your fan sections can generate wind power.

However, a closer look at other elements is important as well. You need to make sure your electrical panels are tightened, and inspected. Any burning out, or almost failing contactors, relays, or transformers need to be replaced immediately in order to avoid failure. Its great preventative maintenance that keeps your musical guests comfortable, and your customers happy.

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