Commercial HVAC Services for TV Broadcasting Studios

As a leader at a busy NYC TV broadcasting studio, you’ve got plenty to worry about. From production schedules to getting the perfect shot to keeping costs within budget, you have more than enough to keep your days full. At the same time, there are many components to your studio which likely fall out of your areas of expertise, one of those being your studio’s commercial HVAC system. To ensure you can focus on the things that truly matter, you can trust us to handle all the HVAC needs of your broadcast studio.

Time is of the Essence

Broadcasting studios like yours are always busy. More than being busy, though, they are always on strict time deadlines which must be met. You’ve got talent, many of whom may have contractual obligations elsewhere, you’ve got crew, whose hourly pay isn’t getting any cheaper, and you’ve got network expectations that are basically immovable. Any interruption in the schedule is likely to cost you immensely in both money and prestige. That’s why our commercial HVAC services are ready to come to you on a moment’s notice to provide you with the service you need to get back up and running.

We understand that, without the commercial AC systems your building utilizes, shooting can’t continue. Not that it shouldn’t continue but you press on anyway, but that it can’t continue due to serious safety concerns. With a multitude of hot-running lights and equipment, body heat from cast, crew, and audience, plus large spaces that aren’t always the most well-insulated, any interruption in air conditioning services will necessitate immediate stoppage and likely evacuation from the building. When we arrive, we’ll put our best efforts toward fixing your system’s problems as soon as possible.

One reason we’re able to work so quickly is the multitude of experience our technicians possess. In the case of complex commercial AC systems, there are literally hundreds of components, any one of which could be causing the problem. Our training and experience help ensure that we’re able to find and fix the problem quickly and completely. After all, the only thing worse than being delayed because of a broken air conditioner is having to be delayed again because the system wasn’t repaired correctly the first time.

Rugged and Quiet

Of course, sometimes a broken HVAC system truly is broken and will need to be replaced. If that’s the case, our experience and attention-to-detail will ensure you get exactly the system you need to help your studio continue to find success. We understand that an HVAC system in a TV studio has to be whisper quiet to avoid being detected by the microphones.

Part of this silence for broadcasting studios is due to a well-maintained system. The other aspect, however, is how the system is routed throughout the building. If air is routed incorrectly, it could create unnecessary noise as it’s pushed through the ductwork. That’s why we perform a thorough inspection on all parts of your system to ensure it’s operating as efficiently and quietly as possible. Plus, we only use the most rugged and durable components to ensure you won’t experience further disruptions to your air conditioning services for a long time to come.

Dedicated to You

As a NYC studio, you can’t survive without basic services, such as your HVAC system. For us as a business, we can’t survive without each and every one of our important customers, like you. If you trust us with your business, you can be sure we’ll always provide the prompt, professional service that you would expect from anyone whom you oversee. We’ll get you up and running quickly to ensure your next shot will be “no sweat.”

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