HVAC Consulting Services in Manhattan, NY and New York City

You can buy all of the knowledge in New York City. However, you cannot buy real experience. With Air Repair you get expert consulting as a result of over 60 years of experience.

What makes Air Repair a better choice than other Consulting Companies?

The problem with other consulting companies is you never know exactly where there experience comes from. Maybe you have an older building that’s still cooling off of Rooftop units from the 70’s. The machinery has issues fairly often; however it is capable of doing its job. Consultants who may not understand the nature of equipment from that time may recommend replacements.

In fact the machinery from that time is more than capable of doing excellent work, as long as it is monitored closely, and provided excellent maintenance on a routine basis. Perhaps you have equipment that physically cannot be removed from the building, or maybe it can and you are receiving incorrect information.

The truth is sometimes the simplest problems in this field are a direct result of a generation of mechanics who lack real experience. Experience is earned, not bought. However, through our expert consulting you can borrow our experience for your benefit.

Air Repair has provided top of the line consulting as a result of over 60 years of experience all over the United States.

You are reading this for a reason. Whether you are having problems in your facility, aren’t happy, or need more affordable pricing. When Air Repair works with you to create a great facility our goal is simple. To help you create the facility you wish you had before reading this.

How do you help plan our facilities?

Initially our team will survey your establishment and find out exactly what its pros, cons, needs, and obstacles are. After 60 years of proud business we take great pleasure in offering our honest feedback on what you should be doing. We work directly with you to create a plan that meets the needs of your HVAC system and the success of your facility.

Complete Reporting & Analysis of Equipment

When undertaking a complete analysis of your equipment we look at every possible angle. Did the customer take possession of the equipment when they obtained the facility? Is the design off or not correct? Are there LED Light displays, or large amounts of electricity in the way of your cooling needs?

Oftentimes the amount of heat generated by different electric displays has a huge effect on your cooling needs. In Manhattan, NY we start by obtaining all of the vital information from your machinery, as well as any changes made to your facility.

What kinds of changes can affect my Air Conditioning System?

In New York City construction can have a significant effect on your HVAC system. Depending on the location of your equipment it’s always a possibility that someone else’s is interfering with yours. Other questions worth asking are; do you have dedicated preventative maintenance suppliers or do you call only when problems arise? Is it possible that there has been a change in the preventative maintenance budget or the process by which they are completed? These two scenarios can create changes in maintenance that affect the health of the machine.

With proper access to information of the machines history on the customer’s part we can make an informed diagnostic approach to the problems facing your facility.

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