HVAC Services for Doctors’ Offices in Manhattan, NY and NYC

doctor's officeThe most important thing in HVAC for Doctor’s Offices is to have a vital amount of preventative maintenance. Due to the influx of varying sick patients, it’s important that the air quality remains high so that germs and bacteria don’t linger for too long. Most Doctors Offices will use Rooftop Units, Packaged Units, and Split Systems. It’s important that all of these systems in NYC receive routine coil washing, and fan cage washing. Without consistent washing dirt, bacteria, carbon emissions, and pollutants will find their way inside the coils. This situation breeds a great deal of stress as patients will not receive the air flow they need to be comfortable, and energy rates for the owner will shoot up.

AC Installation for Doctor’s Offices in Manhattan & New York City

In NYC the pollution levels are so high that even brand new machines are at risk of becoming blocked. Of course you won’t have to worry about this immediately, but it’s always one of the main points for properly installing new AC systems. These units will typically be on the roof, and as such they should have fairly easy access for coil cleanings. When searching NYC for a great AC installation service remember Air Repair values your patients just as much as you do.  We know you need loyal patients, just like we need loyal customers.

AC Replacement for Doctor’s Offices in Manhattan & New York City

Replacing an AC system can cause an interruption to your office’s normal routine. Depending on the location of your system it may require construction, or renovations just to remove the old one. This is why you work with experts at Air Repair. Our technicians have taken part in countless AC system replacements throughout NYC. The experience we have gained, has cemented into a process based around making sure your new AC system has the highest possible return on your investment.

Heating System Repair for Doctor’s Offices in Manhattan & New York City

The last thing patients want in a doctor’s office is discomfort. Doctor’s Offices represent aid, hope, and safety. When your patients step into your office they expect it to be comfortable. If it’s 35 degrees Fahrenheit outside and your heating is down, it creates lack of trust in the patients. This is bad for business. Having an on-call Heating Repair service is a must. Missing vital repairs, or tackling them too late runs the risk of bringing other parts closer to breakdown. Call Air Repair about your Heating Repair needs today.

Heating System Installation for Doctor’s Offices in Manhattan & New York City

If you are curious about installing a new Heating System in your doctor’s office you have many options. Today Rooftop Units are very popular because they take the distraction of sound away from the patients, and staff. However, Split Systems and Ductless Systems have also grown in popularity. Ductless Systems work great in offices because they are near silent, have installation costs in NYC, and they offer complete control over each room they are in. In Addition to this Heat Pumps, are always a standard approach.

Heating System Replacement for Doctor’s Offices in Manhattan & New York City

Removing the old heating system from your offices can be difficult. It includes the gradual breaking down of the unit in a manner that is both safe and comfortable for the business current operation. With that being said, even in NYC where time never stops, replacements aren’t overnight tasks. At Air Repair we don’t believe in spending our customer’s money, we only want to show you where it may benefit you the most. That’s why it’s worth doing some research into what kind of heating system is best for you.

Was there a problem with your last heating system that you want to avoid this time? Was the unit too weak for the difficult NYC winters? Did the unit make too much sound and cause a disturbance to everyone inside the office?

These are all issues that we can work with, to help you find the perfect new heating system replacement. The goal is to make sure your replacement is actually an upgrade, while saving you valuable profits later through amazing maintenance procedures.

Preventative Maintenance Services for Doctor’s Offices in Manhattan & NYC

Ironically when people get sick today, the last thing they want to do is go to the doctor. Culturally, we have this tendency to view our doctor’s office as being packed to the brim, with no seats available, strong odors of sickness resonating around the room. There are 4 main objectives through our maintenance program with you.

  1. To ensure that your patients, and staff are able to appreciate fantastic air quality and great air flow for cooling and heating.
  2. To enhance the lifespan of your HVAC systems in NYC so that you get the most bang for your buck.
  3. To ensure that you save huge amounts on repairs, and replacements years later by taking care of parts as they become faulty.
  4. To have thorough inspections of your fan sections, condenser coils, evaporator coils, condensate lines, electrical panels, compressors, motors, fan cages and many more.

Many companies choose to try and save money by cutting back on Preventative Maintenance for HVAC services in NYC. They do this often because they only see a couple of filters, and some belts. But Maintenance is the absolute best thing you can do to get your money’s worth and more out of your system.

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