Air Conditioning System Installations in Manhattan, NY & New York City

Air Repair has over 60 years of combined experience proudly installing commercial AC systems throughout the NYC Tri-State area. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to handle the most complex build-outs. No project is too large for our team of experienced technicians to handle. We have over 60 years of experience installing just all types of commercial Air Conditioning unit available. If you are looking for a commercial HVAC company call Air Repair today.

The most important thing when handling installation services is making sure that the system chosen is able to effectively regulate the indoor climates with ease. You want a system that can handle the size of the facility without overworking itself. In most cases you are installing a brand new system because you would like to replace a faulty or old one. While that’s the case it’s also very important to make sure the system is easily maintained. Easy preventative maintenance alone will save you valuable profits in the future.

Rooftop AC Unit Installers In Manhattan, NY

There’s an entire assortment of reasons as to why the majority of businesses throughout the Tri-State area utilize rooftop ac systems for their cooling needs. We would have to say that the biggest advantage is their flexibility. Commercial properties with either multiple businesses such as office buildings or those that need cooling for larger spaces will need this sort of versatility. Rooftop air conditioning systems must be able to cool areas with a larger square footage, for a lengthier amount of time. Although the installation process can be complex depending on your facility or property’s needs, the concept is quite simple. Our technicians will install a rooftop unit or multiple which will allow the heating and cooling of air to flow throughout your space via a series of ducts.

Remember, when it comes to commercial properties, space often comes at a great price. You also have to think about how these additional elements, which are meant to provide comfort for customers or employees, impact the overall aesthetics of your property. Rooftop units are an excellent choice because they can be hidden away on the roof. This also proves beneficial for us; the technicians, since we don’t have to go working around the basement or directly outside your property. In addition, as a facilities manager or property owner, you’re probably thinking about scale. If the need arises for additional cooling and heating, we can always add additional units throughout the rooftop with practically no hassle to your day-to-day operations.

Call Air Repair today so we can help you with your rooftop units.

Central AC System Installers In Manhattan, NY

Commercial Central Cooling systems otherwise known as “Centralized Systems” are able to provide cooling to multiple spaces within a building or property from one singular location. When looking at installation advantages, there are plenty to see! Central AC for commercial spaces provides a much more sophisticated control over comfort conditions, much higher energy conservation, efficiency, and greater potential for load management.

Now within, the scope of central air units, there are quite a few different types. In this field, no two jobs are alike. We can’t stress enough that this is not a “one size fits all” business. Every project is unique for a number of reasons. We have to inspect and get your approval on factors such as cooling equipment that avoids CFCs and HCFCs (Eco-Friendly), noise control, energy efficiency, availability of water, building aesthetics, ceiling heights, NYC Code, available space, building architecture, scheduled maintenance and more. Call Air Repair so we can help with your Central Cooling system today.

Chilled Water Central Systems

This type of centralized cooling system is compromised of three major components including the chilled water plant, the air delivery system, and the condenser water system or heat rejection system. It’s main objective is to provide chilled water for the cooling needs of your building’s air handling units. We have plenty of experience working with reciprocating compressors, and centrifugal compressors.

We can also go deeper into central air system types. These may include:

Central cooling systems with CAV air-handling units

A Constant Air Volume system or “CAV” is an all-air system, which can successfully generate heating and cooling by maintaining a constant air volume and changing the air temperature at different times.

Central cooling Systems with VAV air-handling units

A Variable Air Volume system is also an all-air setup. It can help create excellent cooling conditions within multiple thermal zones. This is done by generating air from a central plant to one or more VAV units spread out throughout different zones. We can adjust the air supply as needed to meet the required demands for proper temperature.

All-Water Central Cooling Systems

Central Cooling with fan-coil units’ use chilled water to provide cooling. The water is pumped from the central plant within pipes to fan-coiled units inside the specified spaces where cooling is needed. The air in the room is re-circulated and cooled by the coils. We can set these types of systems up to fit your every need. There are procedures for duct-less systems as well as those with ducts. Fan coils also come in a wide assortment of sizes. Let us assist you with all of your HVAC needs.

Ductless Split System Installers In Manhattan, NY

conditioning or heat pump system, which is composed of a variety of different components. They all work in unison to generate cooling. These include an evaporator, compressor, and condenser as separate elements with refrigerant used as the heat exchanger fluid. There are many advantages for the commercial and industrial use of split system, chiefly among them is simplicity. While chilled water systems as well as packaged AC units can be significantly more complex, a split system will not require large penetration or construction through a wall. The air-handling unit is usually located nearby the air conditioning load. This enables maximum air distribution with a smaller amount of ductwork. Although, these are not preferable for larger, industrial applications, we have seen great success with installations on buildings 6-7 stories high.

Ductless Mini-Split System Installers In Manhattan, NY

A Mini-Split system is composed of two parts to enable operation; these include the compressor (which is located outdoors) and the head (fan which is located indoors). In comparison to central air, you have a major benefit when it comes to cost savings for a smaller commercial space or property. When central air is used, all zones or areas with vents will be cooled. You don’t have control over this. However with a mini-split system, the only areas that will be cooled are those in which a fan is installed and routed back to the compressor. This allows for maximum energy conservation, room or zone specific climate control and even better aesthetics.

Packaged Unit AC System Installers In Manhattan, NY

In certain situations and depending on the project, Packaged AC units are the preferred way to go. This could be due to factors such as space limitations due to construction. We can install these outdoors at ground level or on rooftops with horizontal or down-flow designs.

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Systems

A Variable Refrigerant Flow system is your company’s best chance at minimizing efficiency losses found in other conventional cooling systems. The biggest benefit here is that VRF’s have the absolute lowest life-cycle costs found in the market today. When you combine this with low decibel levels, energy efficiency and ease of installation, you’ve got a cooling system worthy of attention. The parts found in VRF’s are also known to be very reliable. With a VRF installation, you can rest easy knowing that your commercial property has an efficiently designed system, zoned comfort control, dehumidification, balanced sustainability, and operates at the quietest levels.

Geothermal AC System Installers In Manhattan, New York City

On top of all the conventional cooling system installations we provide, our technicians are also highly skilled and experienced in installing geothermal systems.

Heat pumps Installers In Manhattan, New York City

A Heat pump is simply a mechanical compression cycle refrigeration system that can be switched to either provide cooling or heating for a specific zone. We are experts when it comes to the installation of heat pumps.

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