Commercial HVAC Services in Westchester County, NY

You’ve made a big investment in your Westchester County home or business. You’ve found the idyllic place to raise your family or just the right location for your store, office, or restaurant. Though you may have the best house or building on the block, how about your HVAC system?

When you choose a property, it’s easy to overlook the HVAC system. After all, it sits in the basement and back yard or you have one of the rooftop units or chillers that you never even set eyes on. So long as it blows hot and cold when you need it, you don’t need to pay it any mind, right?

Definitely wrong when your property is located in NY. Hot, humid summers are the norm. Winters bring frigid temps, and Westchester County gets pummeled by its share of snow and blizzard winds. Many HVAC systems have been working overtime for years to keep up with the tough demands of the NY climate. Previous owners often neglected HVAC maintenance. Dirt and grime builds in the system, sapping power. That means the system must work overtime just to keep up with average demand. When the weather gets really bad, that overtaxed system breaks down.

Part of our business is serving the Westchester County community during those blizzards and heat waves. We understand minutes count when your family suffers from cold or heat. We understand when your business hangs in the balance. Our experienced technicians deal with every kind of problem, from commercial HVAC, to residential air conditioning, to rooftop units to chillers.

The other part of our business encompass preventative maintenance. By servicing your unit both at the start of the warm and cold seasons, our crews prevent our maintenance-contract customers from experiencing an HVAC system failure during the worst times of year.

What preventative maintenance covers in Westchester County, NY

If you have certain types of HVAC units, there are a few maintenance tasks you can perform yourself, such as changing the filter. Always having a clean filter saves you big money in the long run. By preventing dirt and grime from circulating within the system, the filter keeps the unit running more efficiently, which saves you big money on utility bills. When the system works more efficiently, the parts suffer less wear and tear. This prevents the unit from experiencing costly breakdowns.

Other maintenance items need professional expertise. During a routine maintenance call, a technician calibrates the thermostat and can install a new, programmable thermostat if needed. The technician also tightens electrical connections. When connections loosen, the machinery operates improperly, which results in shorter equipment lifespan.

Routine maintenance calls also take care of lubricating the system’s moving parts. This is essential because lubrication both reduces friction between the parts and electricity use, saving you money both on your monthly bill and repairs.

Cleaning and adjusting the blower saves as much as 15 percent on energy costs. For air conditioning units, technicians also clean evaporator and condenser coils and check refrigerant charge. This allows the system to work without undue strain.

Keeping your HVAC system in top condition ensures low utility bills and prevents expensive HVAC system repairs. Our expert technicians work to keep our customer’s systems working at 100 percent efficiency. We know how important it is to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, whether for you home or commercial HVAC unit.

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