Commercial HVAC Services for Retirement Communities in New York City, Westchester County or NJ

Every business requires a well-maintained, efficient HVAC system. Service disruptions cause discomfort and unneeded expense. Inefficient systems lead to unnecessarily large bills that can break any budget. Nowhere is this truer than when running a retirement community.

In a restaurant or retail store, customers are only onsite for a short time. It’s possible to work around an HVAC problem, though far from ideal. When it comes to a retirement home, an HVAC system failure quickly becomes a catastrophe.

Because residents live at the home, they suffer the effects of an HVAC failure for as long as it lasts. Many are in poor health. They simply cannot stand exposure to high heat and humidity for long periods of time without aggravating health conditions. Sensitivity to cold also increases with age. Heat and air conditioning are necessities for the elderly.

When you run a retirement home, you know that if your HVAC system experiences trouble, you need help right away. That’s why our technicians are ready to respond 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We will get your unit up and running right away.

How to keep your retirement community’s climate control running great

Retirement home managers keep their HVAC systems in top condition by contracting with an HVAC maintenance and repair company that specializes in commercial HVAC. Expertise in commercial HVAC systems is paramount because the systems used in retirement homes are much larger and more complex than residential HVAC systems. Retirement homes are large, multi-unit dwellings with dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of residents. Multiple buildings may constitute a community. The community may use rooftop units, have many separate in-unit systems, and employ chillers.

Chillers and rooftop units are popular in NYC and NJ, where buildings are large and ground space is at a premium. Our technicians know how to service and repair these units for large communities. They also understand how these units need to be maintained for optimal, reliable performance.

Maintenance contracts are necessity

In NYC and NJ, maintenance contracts stipulate servicing commercial HVAC units twice per year—both at the start of the hot season and the start of the cold season. Servicing the units before they are needed ensures that no service interruptions occur during the coldest or warmest times of year. Service before the season’s start is crucial because when severe weather starts, old, worn, and poorly maintained systems break down.

During a service call, our technicians take care to check the thermostat to ensure correct calibration. They also tighten electrical connections, lubricate all moving parts, inspect condensation drainage, check system controls, and adjust blowers. For commercial AC systems, they also clean evaporator and condenser coils. These maintenance items not only keep HVAC systems running, they keep them running efficiently.

How to save on utility costs

Utility costs are a big expense for any multiple-unit dwelling. They can grow very large in a retirement home. Residents are often home all day, so reducing energy during the day isn’t an option. Residents also need to have sufficiently warm or cool sleeping environments, due both to age and health conditions. During NYC and NJ’s tough winters and brutal summers, this strains any HVAC system.

When the system is primed before the start of the severe weather seasons, HVAC units enjoy smooth operations, free from grime and worn parts that make them struggle to keep up. When commercial AC systems and heating systems are tuned up twice a year, they perform with little cost and no worry.

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