Commercial HVAC Services for Charter Schools in NYC, Westchester County and NJ

When you run a charter school, you don’t to have to worry about keeping your building at the right temperature. Commercial AC systems in NYC and NJ allow you to have control over the internal temperature in your building. Keep your students and faculty focused on learning by building a relationship with a commercial air conditioning professional in your area.

Charter Schools Should be About Learning

It’s hard to learn when the chillers stop working in your air conditioning system. As the building becomes hotter, it is more difficult for everyone to focus on learning. When your students and faculty aren’t comfortable, very little work is going to get done. Give your faculty an environment that is conducive to learning by properly maintaining your HVAC system.

Understand When It’s Time to Update Your HVAC

If your commercial air conditioning isn’t able to keep your school cool enough, it’s time to consider an update. While it is possible that your system only needs some minor maintenance, you may also need a complete system upgrade. When you have a technician come to inspect your heating and cooling system, talk about potential upgrades to the system overall.

Saving Money by Getting New Equipment

New commercial AC systems is an investment, but it is one worth making. When you invest in a new system, you will save money on monthly utility costs. When your chillers break down all the time, they probably need to be replaced. In addition, your system probably doesn’t run efficiently if it is old and hasn’t been updated. Once you get your system serviced, you may see utility costs go down.

Emergency Repairs will Lessen with Routine Service

Your heating and cooling system in NYC and NJ should be serviced at least twice a year. Filters should be changed monthly during periods of heavy use. If you aren’t sure how to change out the filters, ask the technician the next time they come to service your system. When you get routine maintenance on your system, you will spend less money every year on emergency repairs.

If you aren’t sure when your heating and cooling system was checked last, it’s time for a service call. Our commercial air conditioning company is ready to meet with you and talk about your heating and cooling needs. We will go over a maintenance schedule with you and make any repairs that are necessary.

We will also test your system for efficiency and recommend any upgrades we believe are necessary. While you may not have to upgrade right away, you can save money in the end by having a system that is running more efficiently. With the right equipment in place, the number of emergency repairs will decrease.

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