Commercial HVAC Services for Fast Food Restaurants & Dining in New York City or Westchester County, NY

Fast food restaurants & dining companies rely on their heating and air conditioning services just as much as their food suppliers, cooks, and cleaning crews. Just like customers expect menu-choice availability, clean tables, and service with a smile, they also expect a comfortable temperature. Hot dining rooms kill appetites. During those brutal NYC and NJ heat waves, patrons often come into the restaurant to take a brake from the heat and enjoy a cool beverage and tasty meal.

Without that ambiance, customers run to the competition. During the NYC and NJ brutal winters, fast food restaurants & dining establishments must close if the heating stops. Cooks cannot do their jobs and customer’s meals grow cold in minutes. Worse, customers may be shivering too much to eat!

When HVAC units go down, restaurants lose all their revenue until they are repaired. Furthermore, customers give restaurants poor reviews when they suddenly close and favor the competition next time they dine out. NYC restaurant owners and managers know their best defense is contracting with a reliable HVAC contractor.

Immediate service 24/7/365

The restaurant business has never been 9 to 5. Customers need breakfast in the early mornings, lunch seven days a week, and late night dining. Many restaurants stay open 24/7, especially fast food establishments. With competition intense and margins tight, no restaurant can afford closing during the rush.

Our experienced team is always on-call. When HVAC units experience trouble at New York City and NJ restaurants, we can get on scene before your customers dwindle away. Often, the problem can be fixed on the spot. When a larger issue must be addressed, our technicians get to work right away. We get your restaurant up and running as soon as humanly possible because we know your business is at stake.

Maintenance Contracts

Restaurant owners avoid HVAC downtime by employing our company on a maintenance contract. At the start of each season, we clean and inspect our maintenance customer’s HVAC units. Dirt and grime are one of the most frequent causes of HVAC system failure.

Old, worn parts also cause a great deal of HVAC system problems. When parts of the system work inefficiently, they place stress on the entire system. Over time, this leads to additional parts breaking and, eventually, system failure. Routine maintenance catches and fixes these issues before the system breaks down. It also protects other parts from becoming worn because of additional stress.

Commercial HVAC services in NYC

Our team works on commercial HVAC systems. Working with a company experienced in commercial HVAC services always makes sense for restaurant owners. Commercial systems are designed differently than much simpler residential systems. They have to heat and cool much larger spaces. Many restaurant require large rooftop units, which we maintain and repair on a daily basis.

Watch your utility bills

If you system starts to perform poorly or make unusual noises, call us right away! But also watch your utility bills. If the weather and your utility rates remain level but your bill rises, an inefficient HVAC system could be the problem. Whether the cause comes from your heating or air conditioning services, our team diagnoses the problem and gets your system running top speed again. There is no need to pay unnecessarily high utility bills.

If you need commercial HVAC services, give us a call today!

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