Commercial HVAC Services for Software & App Development Studios in NYC, Westchester County or NJ

Remember, if you have decided to equip your NYC or NJ software & app development studios with an air conditioning system, it’s because you want to make your studios a cocoon in which you will feel great, a real haven of peace. Therefore, you will probably want a split system. A split system means a separate element air conditioner, i.e., the condensing unit is separated from the evaporating unit. A split system provides a constant temperature, a reduced sound level and above all, energy savings.

Remember, hiring commercial HVAC services to help you with your air conditioning is the right solution. Also, the location of the thermostat plays an important role in consumption and comfort. It is necessary to know that the air conditioning provides the cooling of a room by the elimination of the heat. Its principle is modeled on that of a refrigerator. Cooling is therefore produced through the evacuation of heat outside the building.

The goal is to capture the heat of a room and distribute it outside, with a system using a refrigerant acting on the same principle as that of a refrigerator. Remember, investing in a reversible system also saves money on the price of equipment. Either by condensation by water: the evacuation is in the form of droplets collected in a unique tray that must regularly be emptied.

Split AC Systems

As for the split air conditioner, it is also very efficient and offers a lower noise level, since the compressor is installed outside. Remember, a compressor increases the pressure and the temperature of the gaseous fluid. Finally, the liquid goes through the evaporator, the vapor captures the heat, and the cycle can start again. Remember, solar infiltration (windows), appliances in operation or standby, lighting for your studio and even human heat will all strongly influence the thermal comfort of your studio.

For a room with standard ceiling height, it is also possible to use the surface area of the room to determine how robust the air conditioning services should be. Remember, the process which contributes to producing this phenomenon is obtained thanks to a refrigerant and a compressor. Also, the piping bringing the expanded fluid to the evaporator will need to be carefully insulated because of the heating of the fluid in the conduit.

There is also a myriad of advantages of split air conditioners. To provide an example, when you use split technology for your air conditioning services, you will have two independent units. This technology avoids the return of heat to a room, which allows you to obtain better air conditioning efficiency.

Therefore, call your commercial HVAC services provider specializing in air conditioning services for software & app development studios in the NYC and NJ area. They will provide the expert advice that you require to be able to implement your HVAC system correctly.

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